CJCU’s Welcome Party and Light Trip to Tainan Organized for 2023 International Exchange Students


International Student Service Section of International Exchange and Cross-Strait Affairs of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) organized the “2023 Spring Exchange Student Welcome Party” and “Exchange Students’ Cultural Tour to Tainan” on February 10 and 11 respectively for ten from Korea, six from Japan, one from Indonesia, one from Vietnam and five from France who come to study at CJCU. They were the second group of inbound exchange students arriving Taiwan after Taiwan opened up after the pandemic. The number of inbound exchange students grew by one more time than that of last semester. CJCU’s students and faculty were pleased to welcome them. Through the two-day events, the Office of Global Engagement(OGE) and their study buddies have known them better to provide needed assistance.


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