2023 CJCU Coming-of-age Ceremony-Four Life Philosophies


The Chaplain’s Office of Chang Jung Christian University on May 15 organized CJCU Coming-of-age Ceremony-Four Life Philosophies with the attendance of 70 faculty and student. The Chaplain inspired students with four life philosophies-“Appreciation, Showing Love, Apology, and Farewell”and practice them with actions.
In the post-pandemic era, this year the CJCU Coming-of-age Ceremony was allowed to take place. Students walked on the red carpet and passed through the gate of wisdom and courage before receiving adulthood caps and they also took a oath to take responsibilities and obligations for self-growth. 
Finally, the Chaplain blessed for individual students for a better future. Through the celebration, CJCU wished them to move to the next stage in life with wisdom and courage.






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